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We hired Greg to do the videography at our wedding 10/22/11 and could not be happier with the results. While planning our wedding budget, videography was always something we had considered as an “if we can” option after we got what seemed most important (cake, food, decorations, etc.). I randomly searched the about a month before the wedding and found that fortunately Greg was available that day and his service costs were within our budget. I can’t tell you how pleased we are with the outcome of the experience working with Greg. He got back to me immediately and we worked out the details quickly and thoroughly. We live out of state, which made many parts of the wedding planning process difficult, but Greg was incredibly flexible dealing with our busy work schedules and the time difference between states. We hired Greg to capture our ceremony, cocktail hour and most of our reception, which he did with multiple cameras, microphones and creative camera angles. The day of the wedding was of course hectic, but Greg and his assistant were extremely professional and we hardly even knew they were there. He interviewed our wedding party and guests as well as my husband and I at various points throughout the night and caught so many little funny moments that we are so grateful to have recorded. Our video turned out amazing and far beyond our expectations. We really just hoped to capture our ceremony and some guest comments, but received so much more. We had so many compliments on the highlight video alone. His editing and incorporation of our music choices on the video are incredible. I am so grateful we decided to book Greg for our wedding. I know years from now we will not remember (or care) exactly what we ate or who sat where in the seating chart I worked on so meticulously. However, we will have an amazing video to narrate our day, remember all the memories we made that day and hear the vows we made to each other. Pictures are amazing, but they don’t tell a story the way a video does. We absolutely recommend Greg’s services to anyone needing a videographer…. ~ Jennie. October 2011

Our wedding video that Greg made for us was phenomenal. Weddings, and their budgets – or lack there of – can be stressful, to say the least. We considered not having a videographer for a long time – because we thought we would rather spend the money elsewhere. Thankfully, we changed our minds. After the party is over – the cake gets eaten, the programs get thrown away, the flowers die, the dress gets packed away – all you have left is the promise you made to each other – and your wedding video. We spent A LOT of money on a top of the line photographer. Greg charged less than a third of what we paid the photographer – and Greg captured so many moments that the photographer didn’t – moments that were very important to us. Greg was extremely professional – we didn’t even know he was there. He captured every moment and made us an absolutely gorgeous video that had all our friends and family crying and laughing when they saw it. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Pick flowers out of your yard, buy your dress on consignment but DO NOT miss having a wedding video made by Greg Henry. He is truly the best. ~ Amanda. August 2008

Greg did our video for our wedding and the end result was far more than I imagined it to be. He was there to capture moments from the beginning all the way to the end. The way he put it all together and used our favorite songs makes the video even more precious. Greg has an amazing gift and I am so happy with the video he did for our wedding I watch it often, it never gets old. Greg will never know how much this wedding video means to us! ~ Stephanie. September 2010

Greg did our wedding video for us and it was by far worth every cent spent. My husband and I watch it all the time. The day of the wedding came and I think I only remember seeing Greg a couple of times and that was during cutting the cake and such. He captured our day for us and made it into something amazing. I highly recommend Greg! ~Meghan. July 2009

Greg did an awesome job on video. My wife and I were very pleased with the way the video turned out and the flexibility Greg had in working with us on the video. We showed the video after my wife and I had walked out of the church after being introduced as husband and wife. We dismissed our guests from their seats so this video was a perfect fit in giving my wife and I time to just breath amongst the craziness of the day. It gave our wedding a very unique and personal flare that set it apart from other weddings we had been to. Thanks again Greg for putting your very best into our video! ~ Matt. November 2009


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