I book really fast! 2018 is almost completely booked. 2019 is beginning to book now. Don’t hesitate to contact me! I still have some fall & winter dates open. 

Package 1: Ceremony only… three cameras (1 stationary, 2 manned), 1 hour of footage before and up to an hour after to cover any extra footage (whether it’s leaving the church, interviewing people, or covering pictures).  Edited copy 30-60 minutes (depending on ceremony length).  3 DVD copies.  Price$2050

Package 2 (most Popular):  Ceremony and Reception [2 videographers]… three to four cameras for ceremony (1 stationary, 2 manned, 10 hours of coverage (starting 1 hour before Ceremony)… 3 DVD copies, 1 Bluray & 1 digital copy, edited copy usually an hour & a half in length (I don’t edit out good footage. You will get everything usable in your video), 2 manned cameras at the reception, guest interviews, & a highlight video of your day available online to share with your family & friends. Price$2,495 (or $2,945 with a 4 hour photo-booth)

Package 3: Ceremony and Reception (Package 2) PLUS an engagement interview videoPrice$2,700

Package 4: Ceremony and Reception (Package 2) PLUS an engagement interview video, all day coverage (bride getting hair done at salon or other prep footage), 4 Hour Photobooth. Price– $3,250.00


*Double Wedding WeekendI film a lot of weddings. I filmed close to 50 weddings in 2016 (more than any videographer in NE Ohio) and that included a lot of double wedding weekends. An additional $350 will be added if your wedding falls on a weekend that I already have booked.

Extra Hours of Coverage: $125 per hour

All Raw Footage on Hard Drive$250.00


Digital Wedding Video Copy;  Have your wedding video put on a flash drive in a Quicktime Movie file (.mov) or an m4v file for your mobile device or tablet. You could share the video with anyone with a computer by uploading it onto their hard drive. (Free if you provide your own usb flash drive or pay to have one purchased for you)

Picture slideshow: $115 – childhood to curent pictures put to a song of your choice (50-75 pictures); $135 for 75-100 pictures (you could show this slideshow to guests at the wedding if you have access to a video projector)

TRAVEL CHARGE*** No charge will be added if the wedding or reception is inside a 50 mile radius of zip code 44001 (Amherst, OH).  Anything outside 50 miles will be $0.50 a mile. I am willing to travel anywhere to film your wedding and a custom quote will be given if it involves a flight or any overnight stay.

ENGAGEMENT VIDEO: A video interview telling your story of how you met, what your first date was like, how you proposed. You can have pictures & other videos implemented that go along with things discussed in the interview. This is good to show at the wedding or reception to your guests (you can even have it posted on youtube or vimeo to share with all your friends).  Typically 5-10 minutes in length. Price– $300

EQUIPMENT: I have all HD Cameras, a DJI Ronin gimbal, a new Hexacopter Drone, and I use a glidecam and camera slider to get smooth shots throughout the day.


If you have questions concerning the pricing of other types of videos, just leave a comment below (your comment won’t be made public) and I will give you a quote. Be sure to leave your phone or cell number if you would like me to call you.


PHONE (call or text): 440.309.5851



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