Steven & Rebecca – Showing the bride & groom’s personality

I want the wedding video to fit the couple’s personality… this was a very fun wedding! I got to do an engagement video for Steven & Rebecca so I got to know them fairly well. I like to make people laugh & cry through the wedding video. It’s fun to break away and put together a highlight video a little differently… how often do I get to incorporate Al Michaels voice from Madden into a wedding video?

Renaissance Hotel Wedding in Cleveland

A February wedding in Cleveland. It was a great venue to get to film in!

Filming & Being in the Wedding

I got to be in 2 of my good friend’s wedding in June. I filmed part of the day until I had to resume my groomsman role. Had a blast and I think the video came together great since I wasn’t able to do alot of the filming.

First Wedding Video of 2014

I had an awesome time filming Steven & Sarah’s wedding! They were so much fun, which made for a great video.

The 2013 Season

Photo on 2014-01-30 at 15.09I had a great year! I filmed a little over 30 weddings. I received an award from the Knot for Best of Weddings 2014 Pick! I am trying to improve this year! I still have dates available.

Highlight video from August 2013

This is from one of my most recent weddings. It was an awesome wedding and lots of fun!

Wedding Day highlight


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