Invest in making memories for 2021

Wedding plans have changed for so many couples in 2020. Some cancelled, some postponed, and yet still many got married – it just didn’t turn out the way they originally planned.

A had the honor to film a few weddings where they just had a small number of family and friends. Some even had a dinner / party in their backyard. It wasn’t the wedding they thought they were going to have but they decided that getting married was more important than the big party. If you are going to get married invest in a video! It’s the only way to relive your day and share it with the people who mean the most to you.

I want to give my clients an A+ experience when they work with me. I strive to produce the best quality and customer care for my clients. I want to be available for the people who really want to work with me and like my style. Search me on the knot and take a look at my reviews left by my amazing couples that I got to work with 🙂   Or just click HERE.

This is the highlight reel I posted at the beginning of 2020. In January or February I plan to have my 2020 Highlight Reel completed 🙂


Creating “Your” Film

I tell couples that I look for ways to make the wedding film ‘theirs’. I feel like 2018 will be better than last year’s films because I am continuing to improve and I never am at a place where I feel like I have ‘arrived’. I strive to always do better.

I loved filming this wedding because I got to capture such a beautiful first look and working with these two was amazing. The guys even wanted to have some fun so I threw in a small special effect with the groom punching the ground creating a shockwave throwing his groomsmen backwards.

This is why you get a videographer!

Alicia’s family gave my wedding videography service to her as a surprise wedding gift. What a gift! It was a fabulous day. All the money you spend on a wedding and to not have it filmed seems ridiculous to me. Your wedding is the only time in your life all your family and friends are in one location together to support you! Your wedding video allows you to relive that day again. It will mean more down the road when you can show your kids one day or look back to see your loved ones or friends. It was an honor to be apart of their day!

A wedding with Fireworks!

I had the honor to film Allison’s wedding in July. I got to meet her because I filmed her brother’s wedding in 2015. It was a cool wedding to be apart of. I even got to film some fireworks with the drone. Enjoy!

Sport’s Themed Wedding!

I loved filming Andrew & Katie’s wedding. I feel like this wedding shows you most of Cleveland. They even had their cocktail hour in the Cleveland Aquarium. This video shows the fun loving couple that they are!

The 2013 Season

Photo on 2014-01-30 at 15.09I had a great year! I filmed a little over 30 weddings. I received an award from the Knot for Best of Weddings 2014 Pick! I am trying to improve this year! I still have dates available.

Photobooth Promo & Info

Last year (2012) I purchased a photobooth to add to my business. Photobooths are becoming a major hit at weddings. This booth is NOT someone snapping a picture.. it’s a do it yourself booth with an attendant. It includes a touch screen monitor (you can see yourself the whole time as a countdown lets you know when a picture is about to be taken), props (crazy hats, glasses, feather boas), a crystal clear 18mp camera, store photo print quality (these are not cheap ink jet printers which can feel wet after they print), and custom options (color or black & white and other options).

Check out the photobooth page for more info.

Why pay for a videographer?

The wedding day is highly anticipated and it goes by really fast. All the food will be gone, the flowers die, the tuxedos are returned, the dress is put away, the cake is devoured, and you just have pictures and what you remember. When planning a wedding you go through “How much is this going to cost?” Too many couples skip the video but that’s the one thing that allows you to relive that day (unless you don’t want to relive it, like the wedding I did where a bridesmaid passed out on some candles & her mother was freaking out). It’s the one day where you really get to see everyone you love together- your friends & family and all of that is captured on video.

I have thousands of dollars invested in camera equipment and computers to edit on. Some wedding videos can cost you well over $3,000. When I look for someone to do a job for me I look for who’s going to do it well and give me the lowest price. If you want an HD Hollywood video you’re going to have to drop some money. I will capture your wedding well and will give you something you’ll want to watch again at a price that is affordable (just do some research and see what wedding videos cost). I now have 3 cameras that I use to record the ceremony. Message me or give me a call (check out the About link) and I will do whatever I can to assure you that paying for a video was the best investment you made.

Memorial Video

I put this video together for my grandpa when he passed away. I always planned to do a great memorial video for him when the time came. I worked very hard from the day he died because the funeral was only a few days away. The video starts to go into a slideshow and some other footage to a song around the 3:12 mark on this video. I am capable of putting pictures and footage together for you to have something to remember your loved one by.